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border crossing guide for commercial truck drivers

Drivers must make sure they comply with all laws, including carrying the proper personal identification. It has several of the more heavily travelled border crossings between the countries including Calais / St. Stephen, Madawaska / Edmundston, and Houlton / Woodstock Road. ... A commercial border crossing can be easy task if you have the correct paperwork and follow the rules. Maine shares a 611 mile (983 kilometres) border with the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick that has 24 land border crossings. This means that the load will not need to be opened and inspected by customs officials at border crossings. You may only have registered drivers in the truck–other passengers will delay your border crossing. Truck drivers say that they have faced wait times of up to 12 hours at the border crossing this week, according to reporting from Reuters . The Department of Homeland Security is committed to working with our state and local law enforcement partners to secure our borders while facilitating legal travel and trade. – The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has advised, effective immediately, that all essential workers crossing the Canada-U.S. border must wear a non-medical mask or face covering. ID – As a Commercial Truck Driver you will need to have with you either a Valid FAST Card or a Valid Passport, please only carry one passport with you, for example, if you have a Canadian and one from another Country, remember to only carry the Canadian one, it is actually an offense to carry more than one when crossing the borders. Guidance for haulage companies and commercial drivers ... (e.g. NatRoad is working hard to keep abreast of the changes and provide the most accurate and timely information; and we will endeavour to keep members informed as changes occur. Border Crossing Guide Motor Carrier's Guide to Improving Highway Safety Note: To obtain DOT medical cards, inspection forms, regulations manuals and other DOT forms/publications contact the Michigan Trucking Association: www.mitrucking.org or call 517-321-1951. Picard said he expects enough truck drivers will opt for the border tests to meet the one in six expectation. Temporary Visitors for BusinessImmigration regulations and policies have long held that alien truck drivers may qualify for admission as B-1 visitors for business to pick up or deliver cargo traveling in the stream of international commerce.Truck drivers must meet the general entry requirements as a visitor for business (B-1 classification) set forth in section 101(a)(15)(B) A brief description of paperwork and helpful links are provided. Current as at 10.am, Monday 4 January 2021. A guide for commercial border crossing that will help your shipment across the border. Truck drivers attempting to deliver goods from Mexico into the United States have been reporting nightmarish gridlock at the border crossing because of staffing problems. As part of this effort, the Cross-Border Trucking Guidelines provide general information to the law enforcement community about U.S. laws applicable to commercial motor vehicles (CMV) and CMV operators … COVID-19 , Coronavirus, Cross border controls. According to a recent article in the Globe and Mail, travelers can pay to have their vehicles shipped over the border by a commercial cargo truck … You may bring your personal items with youDrivers entering Canada may … All of these are major truck portals.

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