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SAE USA calls for a contribution towards the restoration of the natural environment in areas affected by the fires in Greece

Chicago,  26.08.2009 The recent fires in the area of Attica and many other areas of Greece, call for awareness and immediate response by Hellenes, in order to help remedy the situation and respond to the needs which are created by this tremendous natural disaster. Especially, the area of Attica as stated by experts, has undergone considerable environmental damage which will [...]

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2008: Tree plantings in Taygetos Mountain, Messinia

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Five tree-planting in the municipality of Lavreotiki, Attica (2003-2006)

The foundation has “adopted” the entire burned area of Sounio, whereby it has successfully carried out five tree-plantings with collaboration from the Municipality of Lavreotiki. Tree-planting activities are held in collaboration with volunteers from schools, sports clubs, hunters associations, firefighters and residents. We hope to renew our partnership with the Municipal Authorities, moving on to a new series of tree-planting [...]

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2006: Tree-planting in the municipality of Arta, Epirus

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2006: Tree planting in the Municipality of Delphi, Phocis

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2004: Tree planting in the Municipality of Delphi, Phocis

Our second tree planting om Delphi took place in 2004 in honor of Vasiliki Lazos, to celebrate her 90th birthday. Instead of gifts, her daughter, Athanasia Lazos, asked relatives and frineds to contribute financially towards the foundation’s tree planting activities in Delphi.

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2003: Tree-planting in the municipality of Lavreotiki, Attica

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