Volunteers in Diacopto, Achaia planted 8.000 saplings with $20.000 donation
Tree-planting in the Alonia area in Municipality of Visaltia (Serres)
Our young volunteers: Leading the way!
Our greatest joy is the increased participation of young students in our tree-planting activities!
Tree planting by students in Alexandroupolis 2010
Planting in Taygetos 02-20-11
Planting in Penteli Mountain 02-15-2009
Our Eco-graffiti art on the retaining walls, across Kalamata – Sparta National Road
Tree-Planting in Kastelorizo, Dodecanese, 2011
Volunteers from

Honoring our Roots, Strengthening our Future

“In ancient times, environmental protection was intertwined with nature’s sanctity, comprised by a group of figures of divine origin. Thus, in Greek Mythology, we come across the mythical Dryads, Forest Nymphs, dwelling inside the trees, implying that the cutting of a tree signified the death of a nymph”.   The Natural Environment in Ancient Greece


Dear Friends,

Welcome to “Plant Your Roots in Greece”.

Our philosophy is based on the Greek worldview, which is founded on the principle that nature is sacred and mankind is too a sacred part of the ever-evolving creation. The aims of the Foundation are:

  • To contribute to the preservation of Greece’s natural environment, through the organization of tree-planting activities, mainly in areas affected by destructive fires
  • To support the revival of natural environments that encompass major archaeological sites in the country
  • To organize activities and programs that help promote environmental awareness and volunteerism, aiming for active citizen participation in tree-planting activities as well as for the protection of the environment
  • To strengthen the bonds between Greeks abroad with their birthplace and heritage, while fostering a greater recognition of the connection between the timeless cultural values of Hellenism with the philosophy of environmental protection

Our vision and proposal to the Greek State, is for the Ministry of Education to integrate the foundation’s actions in the existing curricula for Environmental Education in Primary and Secondary Education.

I would like to address a big “Thank you”, on behalf of the Foundation and myself personally, to all Greeks abroad, but also American Philhellenes. Without your contribution and support towards the work of the Foundation, our accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible. Your donation is living proof of their exceptional interest and awareness for the environment and Greece. We are moved by your contribution, and it secures us with the necessary strength and courage to continue our efforts. We also thank, all the volunteers who have participated and continue to take part in our tree-planting activities, as well as the representatives, we work with from Local Authorities and Greek Associations. Forests represent the most integral form of an ecosystem, having a major effect on the global natural environment. The protection and active contribution to the forested area’s preservation and care constitutes the main concern of a Greek, dating back to ancient times. It was our ancestors who first developed and fostered the idea of environmental awareness.

Planting a tree in Greece is like “lighting a candle” in our homeland. Indeed, every tree contributes to the regeneration of the environment, acting as our most vital source of oxygen. Let us deliver, a Greece with more green, a world with better standards, a higher quality of life and harmonious co-existence between humans and the environment, to future generations.

On Behalf of the Board of “Plant your Roots in Greece” Foundation

T.G. Spyropoulos