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Theodore G. Spyropoulos was born in Kalavryta, Greece. He studied Political Science in Stockholm, Sweden, where he met his wife, Erika Knickman Spyropoulos. They have a daughter, Mariyana. In 1962, he served in the Hellenic Navy. In 1964, he immigrated to Chicago, Illinois.

He is the President of T.G.S. National Wholesalers, an automotive wholesaler that operates in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East, A & T Oil Company, T.G.S. Petroleum Co., Inc., and Can2 International Manufacturing and Marketing.

Just as remarkable as his business endeavors are Mr. Spyropoulos’s community service contributions, most notably to Hellenic causes and institutions. He has served as a volunteer and held leadership roles in a number of Greek American organizations. He is the U.S. Regional Coordinator of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (S.A.E.). He is also the President of “Plant Your Roots in Greece, Inc,” whose main purpose is raising awareness of the environment and the reforestation of Greece. He was the first elected president of the “Hellenic American National Council USA” (HANC), where he advocated Hellenic issues in Washington and prioritized Hellenic “Paitheia.” As an enthusiast of Hellenic “Paitheia,” he has supported many university programs, parochial and charter schools, scholarships for exchange programs, as well as the Greek-American Teacher’s Association. Furthermore, he organized conventions in promoting Hellenic ideals and education regionally, nationally, and internationally.

He has supported financially Greek-American, as well as Phil-Hellenic politicians, community organizations, and media. His objective is to create a Hellenic collective community fund and motivate the Greek-American youth to get involved with Hellenic issues. Theodore Spyropoulos’s contribution and generosity to the Hellenic American society has been remarkable and his spirit of volunteerism matches his intense dedication to “Paitheia” and to society at large.


To unite Greek Americans:

  • For the national issues of Hellas and Cyprus
  • For the improvement of Education
  • For the establishment of Hellenic Studies in America
  • For the creation of cultural centers in the United States wherever there are Hellenic Communities
  • To organize and provide assistance to the Hellenic-American Youth
  • For the improvement and preservation of Hellenic American democratic ideals


  • U.S.A. Regional Coordinator, Alternative President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (S.A.E), World Council of Hellenes Abroad (S.A.E.)
  • President, Plant Your Roots in Greece, Inc
  • President, Theodore and Erica Spyropoulos Foundation
  • Honorary and Past President, Hellenic American National Council U.S.A.
  • Past President, ENOSIS of Hellenic American Organizations of Illinois
  • President and Founder, Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce U.S.A.
  • Vice Chairman, American Hellenic Institute (AHI)
  • Chairman and Founder, The Spyropoulos Scholarship for Hellenic American Students in the USA and Hellas
  • Director, Automotive Wholesalers of Illinois
  • Director, Chicago Sister Cities International Program
  • Member, AHEPA
  • Member, Automotive Service Industry Association (ASIA)
  • Member, Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association (IPMA)
  • Member, Export Council of USA
  • Member, International Political Advisory Council
  • Member, Businessmen’s Democratic National Committee (BDNC)
  • Member, American European Committee Association USA
  • Member, AGEI Hellenic Interests of Greek Americans
  • Founding member of Technopolis, Thrace, Hellas, International
  • Member of EEC International Visiting Council


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