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SAE USA calls for a contribution towards the restoration of the natural environment in areas affected by the fires in Greece

Chicago,  26.08.2009

The recent fires in the area of Attica and many other areas of Greece, call for awareness and immediate response by Hellenes, in order to help remedy the situation and respond to the needs which are created by this tremendous natural disaster. Especially, the area of Attica as stated by experts, has undergone considerable environmental damage which will affect weather conditions as the natural cooling mechanism of the area has been lost whilst the risks of eminent floods are now evident.

“According to experts remarks, the area of North-East Attica which has undergone damage from fires within the past two decades is bound to face considerable problems regarding the natural restoration of forest and hence it is essential to impose artificial means of restoration” stated the Coordinator of the SAE Region and President of the Institution “Plant your roots in Greece”. The institution “Plant your roots in Greece” which is run under the auspice of SAE USA begins a new campaign for the collection of financial resources towards the restoration of the natural environment of the areas which have been affected by the fires and are in immediate need for an artificial reforestation. “We are also calling all local authorities of Attica and other areas to inform us on the needs regarding the reforestation and plantation of new trees, so as to prepare for the new planting season commencing on October-November until March 2009”.

The planting of new trees and reforestation by the institution “Plant your roots in Greece” are carried out in cooperation with local authorities of Greece.


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