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Expatriate support to reforestation in Greece

Thessaloniki,  16.01.2009

A reforestation campaign will be launched on Sunday in the regions of Artemisia, Piges and Alagonia, all in the Kalamata municipality in extreme southern Greece.

The initiative by the environmentalist group “Friends of Mt. Taygetos” is funded by the Greek-American “Plant Your Roots in Greece” Foundation, and is aimed at the restoration of the burned forestland on the eponymous mountain range.

The 50,000-euro donation will be used for 15,000 tree plantings in the wildfire-ravaged area.

Foundation President and SAE USA Regional Coordinator Ted Spyropoulos underlined that those interested in participating as volunteers in the reforestation effort or wishing to make a donation can visit the foundation’s website for more information.

Meanwhile, a total of 170 sycamore trees have been planted in the archaeological site of Vergina in north-central Greece, part of an initiative by the Thessaloniki-based “Friends of Green” Association, financed with 14,000 euros by the Greek-American foundation for this purpose.

Tree plantings supported by the foundation will take place in Ancient Olympia and other sites around the Peloponnese, as well as in Halkidiki prefecture in the north.

Source: ANA-MPA

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