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Pinakida 3

2003: Sculpture honoring our donors across Poseidon’s Temple

Through an initiative of the Foundation’s President, Theodore G. Spyropoulos, a sculpture, created by well-known sculptress Angelica Korovesi was installed on an islet across Poseidon’s Temple, bearing the name of Greek – American and Phil-Hellenes donors. The unveiling of the monument and plate took place on Sunday, September 2003, with a ceremony organized at the Conference Hall of the Old Machine Workshop in the Municipality of Lavretiki. This was meant to honor the members of the Greek Diaspora and Philhellenes who contributed, with their donations, to the realization of tree-planting activities in Greece.

At the suggestion of the U.S. Secretary of the State and Honorary President of the Organization, Hilary Clinton, an olive tree was symbolically planted next to the sculpture.

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